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We Buy Houses in Wallhaven

Sell Your House – Wallhaven

If using a realtor and selling on the MLS, it may not be easy to sell you house fast in the Wallhaven area. You may have to spend thousands on repairs and remodeling to get your property into move-in ready condition.  By the time you’ve gotten it sold, it will take a huge chunk of your profit and lots of your time. If you need to get out of your house quickly, maybe using a real estate agent isn’t the best option. We have solutions! Call us.

SHS buys houses in Wallhaven. Whether you live off of White Pond or nearby Hardesty Park, let us give you an offer today on your property. Did you recently inherit a property you do not need? Get a fast offer. Need a roof and repairs you can’t afford and ready to move on? No repairs are necessary, we can handle that. 

We can buy AS-IS. No commissions will be paid, and we can work around your schedule. No long delays when you need cash or out of those monthly payments and costly upkeep.


Why sell your Wallhaven house to us?

  • Fair Cash Offer

  • No stress sale. We don’t badger you or hound you with repeat calls.

  • No surprise fees

Looking to sell your house without the hassle? Call us now!

To get started, fill out the form, or text/call us on 330-333-4705  to learn how to sell a house fast in Wallhaven.

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