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We Buy Houses & Multi-Family houses In Tallmadge

Do you need to sell your property in the Tallmadge area? You’ve found the right place, we are Ohio real estate investors and we love to solve property problems! Say goodbye to worries when you call us, we buy houses that owners want to sell fast for cash. We buy in Tallmadge and surrounding areas.


If you are looking for a stress-free transaction, Call us now at 330-333-4705 and we will schedule a convenient time for a quick visit and make you a no-obligation offer. Have a tricky situation? No problem, we’ll handle all the arrangements, and the closing of the sale. You get to choose the date of closing and you’ll be paid immediately after paperwork is completed and filed!

Can a real estate agent make you this promise? No way, of course they can’t. We don’t have to wait for banks, loans or for a buyer to “decide” they like your home. We just buy homes and have been in this business for many years. We have the ability to work on your schedule, if you need a few months before you sell, we can handle that. Need cash in two weeks? Ok, we can do that too!

Summit Home Solutions has purchased many homes over the years and our clients enjoy the experience working with us because we do what we say, a promise means something. We are one of the fastest growing investment companies in Ohio and because we are a Full-Service company, homeowners can choose to sell their homes without cleaning it out or doing any repairs. If you prefer to take what possessions you want and move, we can take care of the rest and will buy your house in AS-IS condition.


Why Sell to Summit Home Solutions?

We buy houses in Tallmadge– and we pay cash! We eliminate the uncertainty of selling your house with an agent in the real estate market where it can take a lot of time and a lot of money in repairs before its sold.  Avoid the broker fees, transfer and title company charges and commissions, we’ll handle all of that.

Looking to sell your house in Tallmadge? Contact us and get that fast offer today!

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