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We Buy Houses in Springfield

Sell Your Springfield House 

You don’t need to hire a realtor or waste your time and money on repairs and home staging. We’ll promise a stress-free sale. Selling a house on the MLS is never easy. The average seller spends thousands just to get the house sale-ready. Then the home inspection report repairs, and closing costs, taxes and sales fees, you’ll have a huge dent in your profit. But we make things easy without your having to spend a dime. Call us at 330-333-4705 to sell your house fast in Springfield. We’ll buy for cash, AS-IS and close quickly.

We buy houses in Springfield, even those that are damaged and in need of repairs. Over the years, we’ve purchased many properties, some were in move-in ready condition, but many are in bad shape! Regardless, we buy houses in whatever condition.


We buy houses in Springfield and surrounding areas including Lakemore, Uniontown, Ellet and Mogadore. Selling an inherited property? We buy houses in any condition. Does your house need repairs that you can’t afford? We can handle it.  

Tired of being a landlord or behind on payments? Contact us or fill in the contact form. If you want to just walk away, you won’t have to worry about getting rid of the unwanted things in your house. You can move out with only the things you need and leave the rest.

Why Sell Your House To Us?

We help homeowners in financial binds that need to sell their properties. Facing foreclosure? No problem! We can have your money ready in two weeks or less!

  • Choose a stress-free sale. 

  • No-obligation offer. You are free to refuse.

  • You choose the closing date and time as well.

  • Looking to sell your house fast in Springfield? Call us!


Need to sell your house fast in 44312?  We buy property there and all around the Akron area, reach out for a quote.


To get started, fill out the form, or text/call us on 330-333-4705  to learn how to sell a house fast in Springfield.

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