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We buy houses in Fairlawn


Get the most for your house without waiting months and paying a realtor their cut. Contact our team – from Fairlawn Park to Summit Mall, we buy houses in 44313. Get the best cash offer with one call to us!


Who is Summit Home Solutions?

Summit Home Solutions is an investment company that purchases homes in and around the Akron area every day.  From duplex, triplex to townhomes and condos, we handle all sizes of property in Fairlawn. Distressed properties are a specialty, and we’re able to pay near-market rate to get you the cash without waiting.


We’re buying homes in Fairlawn that homeowners, for whatever reason, cannot afford to keep any longer. It may be a divorce making quick liquidation of assets necessary. It may be an inherited house with a lot of repair/clean-up that our client doesn’t want to tackle. Selling the house quickly in Fairlawn is the main concern we can address. We buy if you're selling a house in 44333.


What makes us a good option?

  • Just take your valuables and leave the trash behind, we take care of clean up

  • Best financial return possible for your house, we stand behind that promise

  • We will close as quickly as possible, or at a later date if it suits you. Your choice!


If you’re not excited about paying a massive commission to sell, we need to talk. No headache of staging the home for sale, no parade of “curious browsers” going through your home.  Fire damaged, plumbing issues, foundation repairs needed, not to worry, we’ll take care of it all.

Call us at 330-333-4705 to sell your house quickly in Fairlawn and get a cash offer in under 24 hours.

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