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We buy houses in Ellet

What kind of cash value can you get for your house? Maybe you’re considering listing with an agent but are curious what you could get immediately.  Give James and Anthony a call and get your fast quote in Ellet. We’re happy to provide a no-pressure quote to help you make the decision.  Your positive experience is all the payment we need!

From E. Market to the Goodyear Airdock, we have Ellet covered.


Who Are We?

Summit Home Solutions is the best home buying company in the Akron area if attentive customer service and trust is important to you. Fill out the contact form here or just drop me a text message at 330-333-4705 to sell your property fast in Ellet. Next step – you get a cash offer you might find hard to turn down!  We purchase foreclosed homes, inherited homes, probate property and heavily damaged structures. 

While Realtors serve an important purpose, we are serving different purpose as we aren’t looking to sell your house to a 3rd party, we’ll buy your house ourselves – putting the cash in your pocket MUCH faster….and take NO commission.


House need repairs? Not your problem when you sell to us.  Flood, fire, renter damage…doesn’t matter, we can buy your house in 44312.  Real Estate agents can do a lot, but they can’t turn a disaster home into cash in under 2 weeks. We can, call us!


Why Reach out to Us?

  •       Low hassle sale

  •       We’ll offer the best price for your home

  •       Transactions complete in under 14 days

  •       Cash in hand immediately after closing

We buy houses in Ellet that typically don’t sell quickly. House in foreclosure? Save the money you would normally have to pay a foreclosure consultant!  You don’t have to pay real estate agent their hefty fee or worry about prepping your house for showings and photos. To sell your home in 44305, we're the local solution for you.


Need to sell your house fast in Ellet? Call us!

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