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Should I avoid Realtors?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022


There is a familiar sales pitch you may have heard from investors, “Don’t let a Realtor take an unnecessary 6% fee, take our cash offer!” But is that an honest statement? The answer depends on your situation. A Realtor’s fee can seem steep and it makes working with an investor and bypassing that fee look more attractive, but that’s not the situation for everyone.

For a homeowner with plenty of time, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) can be an attractive method to avoid paying Realtor fees, but you have to know what you’re in for with inspections, showings and paperwork. Add into that your responsibility to negotiate paying the buyer’s agent fees. (The home buyer’s agent needs to be paid and they might only be able to collect their fee from the seller.) I detailed more of the issues you encounter with FSBO here.

Selling to Summit Home Solutions for cash is another option. We can provide many reasons why selling to an investor is the right decision for you, (Short time-frame, large repairs / cleanup, behind on taxes, inherited property, bad tenants, etc.) but in many situations a Realtor will net you the most money for your property and help to smooth out the confusion of all the paperwork and changing time tables.

The biggest factor in deciding is YOUR situation. Your situation is not the same as anyone else’s. Your time frame, cash needs, free time, and real estate knowledge are unlike anyone else, and you should work with a trusted partner.

So what makes us different? We will never tell you a Realtor is your enemy. Anthony and I work with Realtors every week. They’re a necessary component of the property industry. In fact, if we think your situation is best served by a Realtor we will refer your business to an experienced Real Estate Agent and let YOU decide which proposal works best. We build our business on trust and long term relationships. I don’t want Summit Home Solutions to “win”, I want our client to know they got a great deal and recommend us to friends and family. That’s how we build trust and respect around the Akron area.

Drop us a note if you’re thinking about selling, we would love to talk and there’s no commitment required at all no form to fill out, just a casual conversation.

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