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Sell My House Quickly in Akron – What Are My Options?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

What Are My Options To Sell My House Quickly In Akron?

Homeowners in Northeast Ohio who want to sell their home fast should be prepared to understand what their options are…

Selling your home quickly can be broken down into three elements:

1. How much time are you willing to take selling your house 2. How much you are comfortable spending to sell your house 3. How much is your asking price for your house

Part #1: Your Timeline

Element one : How much time are you willing to take selling your house? It’s common for a homeowner to default to selling via a traditional method, contacting a Real Estate Agent and listing on the MLS database. While this method might return the biggest sale price in some circumstances, it is not unusual to spend 3 to 6 months or more to complete the close and get your cash available. This is typically a good option for a seller with plenty of time and patience for unexpected problems.

That won’t be the case for everyone, as many homeowners do not have the luxury of time. Perhaps you have to move for a new job and cannot wait upward of 3 months for the sale. If you find yourself in this situation, bypass the Realtor and reach out to me at SHS. No lengthy application process needed, I just need a few details about your property.


Part #2: How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

This question may catch you off guard because it doesn’t seem right that the owner needs to spend money to sell their own house, but if you sell via a traditional Realtor, expect two rounds of expenses. First you have to do renovations to prepare the house for a showing and fix the many issues that come up during inspections. Secondly, after the sale goes through you will owe thousands in commissions to the listing agent.

For some owners with the money and the patience, this may not be a problem. Many of us are not comfortable spending several thousands in order to get a house sold. And fortunately there’s another option. Sell your house to an investor like Summit Home Solutions and we’ll cover ALL the costs of sale. No fees, No Commission.

Part #3: Your Sale Price

In many cases a homeowner believes the value of their house should be high and they are not afraid to roll the dice and wait for a buyer to come along and meet that price. This waiting game favors people with time to spare and those that enjoy navigating the negotiation process through an intermediary (The Realtor.)

This approach doesn’t work for everyone though, and the element of the unknown can bring too much uncertainty in a time when you need to get cash flowing quick! Working direct with a home buyer means you’ll typically accept a little less but you know very quickly how much you’re going to get and when you’re going to get it. Timing and cold, hard cash are the most important factors in many cases.

As a homeowner wondering whether to contact an agent or sell to a home buyer, consider these 3 elements and make the decision that best gets your money working for you. My team and I are here to get you an offer and make the headache go away. Contact me here!

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